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Your complete protection consisting of private and statutory health insurance!

✓ Can be applied from abroad
✓ Instant confirmation for visa application
✓ Certificate for university immediately after online application
✓ Payment only after entry

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The country of origin is the country where you have your permanent (registered) residence.

We can not insure you here

If you come from an EU, EEA country or Switzerland and are only temporarily staying in Germany for your studies, you are already insured through your home country by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and cannot become a member of a statutory health insurance in Germany. Please contact a statutory health insurance fund in Germany directly for recognition of the insurance from your home country.

We require your age to determine the premium.
Parents can benefit from a lower premium in long-term care insurance.
Usually, the winter semester starts on 01 October and the summer semester on 01 April. You can usually find online which semester dates apply at your college or university.

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